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At the Law Offices of Jack Bloxham, we represent highway accident victims and severely injured pedestrians with severe injuries to the spinal cord. When not immediately and properly treated, bone fragments from crushed or fractured vertebrae impinge upon and damage the nerve structures that radiate through the spine. The most common consequence is paralysis. Contact a California spinal cord injury lawyer at any of our Injury Law Center offices for advice and representation in a severe neck or back injury case that involves spinal cord damage.

It is not sufficient to settle for amounts that will cover lost future income and the costs of medical treatment in the most severe spinal cord injury cases. It is also necessary to identify and project the expenses involved in rehabilitative treatment, and adaptive technology. In cases involving quadriplegia complicated by other physical or cognitive impairments, long term home assistance will usually be necessary to care for the accident victim.

Whether the accident results in partial paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia usually depends on which vertebrae were injured in the crash. The closer to the skull the damaged vertebrae are, the more widespread the paralysis will be. Fractures of the neck in truck or motorcycle accidents will often result in the permanent loss of mobility in all four limbs due to nerve trauma high in the spinal cord.

The personalized client service that we offer at the Injury Law Center will not only aim for the maximum compensation available in these severe injury cases, but may also support you and your family as you go through the difficult transition of long physical recovery and the prospect of a long term disability. With our 20 years of experience on behalf of seriously injured accident victims, we know what you can expect in both the litigation and physical recovery processes, and can help you face the challenges that both will present.

For further information and a free consultation about the range of our services in a spinal cord injury case, contact the Injury Law Center in San Jose, Oakland, the Fremont-Hayward-Fremont – Hayward area or Walnut Creek.