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Whether you suffered facial scars from broken glass in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, or you face the prospect of long term disfigurement from severe burns, scarring is an important element of your damages in any personal injury litigation. At the Injury Law Center, we have more than 20 years of experience with the compensation of persons injured in accidents, and one of the keys to our success has been careful attention to all components of our clients’ losses–including damages for disfigurement and scarring. For additional information, contact San Jose personal injury lawyer Jack Bloxham at any of our three Bay Area offices.

Our experience with facial scarring settlements as a part of a broader compensation package in a serious personal injury case can make a substantial difference to the ultimate outcome of your claim. We have helped clients recover damages for scarring in cases involving fire, chemical exposure, lacerations, and dog bites. Auto accidents that lead to the most extensive disfigurement injuries tend to involve head-on or t-bone collisions, where a shattered windshield or driver’s window can result in extensive facial and neck scars in addition to serious orthopedic injuries to the head and back.

Airbag deployment by itself in a car or truck accident can cause or aggravate facial scarring, particularly when the airbag drives or grinds broken glass into the victim’s face and upper body. Under California personal injury law, any permanent disfigurement is properly included as a part of the plaintiff’s damages in a negligence case–even scars that result from necessary surgical procedures rather than the accident itself.

In general, the most extensive disfigurement occurs in accidents involving severe burns over much of the body. In those cases, the costs of intensive care, a long sequence of reconstructive surgeries, and rehabilitation therapy will at first overshadow the damages for scarring, but when the point of maximum recovery is reached, the victim’s most serious personal injury problems from then on will probably concern the psychological effects of extensive disfigurement. We know how to incorporate these damages into your broader settlement or trial demand.

Whether your injuries are likely to involve moderate scarring or severe disfigurement, personal injury attorney can advise you and present the most compelling case for your maximum compensation. Contact the Injury Law Center in the Fremont-Hayward-Fremont – Hayward area, San Jose, Oakland or Walnut Creek for a free consultation.