Neck and Back Injury Attorney

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Neck & Back Injury Lawyers in Oakland, San Jose, Walnut Creek & Fremont – Hayward

Neck and back injuries can generate especially difficult disputes with defendants and their insurers. While some people know how debilitating a back or neck injury can be, others are not so easily convinced. Tangible or physical proof of neck and back injuries can be difficult to document, because traumatic soft-tissue injuries are often hard to detect through medical diagnostics. A herniated, dislocated, or bulging disc injury may be revealed on an MRI. Fractures are often easily spotted on an x-ray. But people who have suffered soft tissue sprain or strain type injuries to the neck and back have a much more difficult task of proof in a lawsuit, even though the pain and loss of mobility are no less real and eligible for compensation.

Contacting a Neck Injury Lawyer or Bank Injury Attorney

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