Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

If you or a member of your family has suffered a serious or fatal injury caused by negligence in or around a swimming pool at a hotel, resort, or private home, contact a swimming pool accident lawyer in Oakland, San Jose, Walnut Creek or Fremont – Hayward at the Injury Law Center for free and dependable advice about your rights to compensation. With more than 20 years of experience in the investigation, proof, and resolution of claims involving negligence or wrongful death, drowning accident attorney Jack Bloxham knows how to help clients obtain the compensation they need in the aftermath of serious swimming pool accidents. Call us at 1-800-300-8561 or email us today.

Drowning Accident Attorney in San Jose, Oakland, Fremont – Hayward & Walnut Creek

Accidents at swimming pools can be severe, disabling, or fatal. The combination of water and hard surfaces can result in serious consequences for negligence, inattention, or reckless behavior around pools. It is hardly surprising that most swimming pool accidents involve children playing around pools without adequate supervision.

The injuries characteristic of swimming pool accidents can include:

  • Head injuries ranging from concussion to severe brain trauma
  • Fractures and soft tissue damage to knees, ankles, or shoulders suffered in falls onto hard poolside surfaces
  • Spinal cord damage resulting from diving accidents
  • Brain damage resulting from near drowning accidents
  • Death by drowning

Swimming Pool Accidents & California Law

Because of the obvious danger that an unsupervised swimming pool can present to small children, California law requires that private swimming pools be fenced and secured from unauthorized visitors and trespassers. While an adult trespasser would be unlikely to recover damages for swimming pool accident injuries, the owner of an unfenced pool where a child was injured or drowned could very likely be held liable for damages. Previously in California, property owners that maintained unprotected swimming pools or other things that attracted children could be held liable for injuries to children under the “Attractive Nuisance” doctrine. Although the doctrine of “Attractive Nuisance” has been abolished in California, the state law still holds that owners of swimming pools should take reasonable safety precautions when it is reasonably foreseeable that children could trespass to swim in a swimming pool and drown or otherwise injure themselves.

Contacting a Drowning Accident Lawyer

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