Premises Liability Accident Lawyer

Whether you will be able to collect damages in a premises liability claim or lawsuit depends entirely on whether you can prove that the property owner or manager was negligent or failed to provide a safe premises. When a property owner or store invites patrons or guests onto the premises, they take on the obligation to maintain the property, fix problems or warn guests of the dangers. If you had a slip and fall accident, tripped or suffered an injury on another person’s property or in a store, restaurant or other business, contact one of our personal injury lawyers in Oakland, San Jose, Fremont – Hayward or Walnut Creek today; call 1-800-300-8561 or contact us online.

Premise Liability Injury Attorney in Oakland, San Jose, Walnut Creek or Fremont – Hayward

Attorney Jack Bloxham has more than 20 years of experience handling premises liability claims in California. Our firm conducts intensive investigations and builds strong cases to prove that our clients should be awarded compensation by property owners who are liable for:

  • Failure to restrain pets, resulting in a serious dog bites
  • Failure to secure swimming pools, resulting in drowning or near drowning
  • Wet or slippery floors, resulting in a slip and fall accidents
  • Failure to warn of hazards or dangers, resulting in head injuries or falls
  • Any hazardous or dangerous property conditions that cause injury

Contacting a Premises Liability Attorney

Depending on the type of dangerous condition and the height from which a victim fell, injuries can be severe. Falling merchandise can cause a serious head or brain injury, while a slip and fall on a wet floor can cause serious back and neck injuries. A dog bite can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement. In the most serious premises liability cases, such as a drowning, the victim can suffer fatal injury, which can lead to a wrongful death claim.

Negligent property owners must be held liable and responsible for their actions that resulted in your or your loved one’s accident and personal injury. For a free consultation, contact a premises liability lawyer at the Injury Law Center in Walnut Creek, San Jose, Oakland and Fremont – Hayward. Call us now toll free at 1-800-300-8561 or email us today.