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Typically, a car insurance company will label your car a total loss if the damage is more than 80 percent of the car’s value. For free legal advice about how to negotiate your property damage claim with your insurance company after a total-loss car accident, contact experienced personal injury attorney Jack Bloxham at the Injury Law Center.

Attorney Jack Bloxham has more than 20 years’ experience as a California car accident attorney serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The Injury Law Center has four locations to serve our clients – in San Jose, Walnut Creek, Fremont-Hayward-Fremont – Hayward area and Oakland.

In car accident cases involving serious injury or fatalities, we negotiate the fair market value or total loss settlement as part of the services we provide to our clients. In many car accidents, total loss of a vehicle may occur without serious injury. In these cases, we offer a no-cost consultation during which we will explain how best to gather the necessary information to negotiate a fair total loss settlement with your insurance company. To make an appointment, call toll free 1-800-300-8561.

Property Damage Settlement After a Total-Loss Car Accident

For those who are used to having access to a vehicle, losing that convenience in a car accident can be a hard blow to take. Particularly in California, the total loss of a vehicle can seriously impact a person’s ability to live his or her life. It is no longer easy to get to work, drive children to school, or stop by the store. Every attempt at leaving home must be carefully planned. The stress can be very trying.

It may be tempting to accept the first compensation offer an insurance company makes for the total loss of your vehicle. Although it may seem like a relief to have the issue resolved, this initial offer is seldom the highest you could be entitled to receive. You must remember that insurance companies are businesses intent on protecting their bottom lines. They are always looking to pay out the least amount possible.

Our law firm will give you advice about how to get the best estimate of the fair market value of your vehicle – regardless of its age or model. We can refer you to responsible appraisal companies that will give you a written valuation of your vehicle. Although they are not free, these valuations are often effective tools in total loss settlement negotiations. Low-cost appraisal options also exist, and we are happy to provide that information to anyone who needs it.

Renting a Car After a Total Loss Accident

Many car insurance policies include coverage for reasonable car rental fees after a total loss accident. These policies usually cover the cost of rental between the time of the accident and the time the insurance company makes an offer for the value of your car.

Ask your car insurance company before charging the car rental on your personal credit card. Although the insurance company will most likely reimburse you if you do so, the insurance company may have a direct billing relationship with one or more local rental agencies – and it may have negotiated lower rates than you can get on your own. Before you rent a car with your own credit card, call your insurance company and ask if it has a direct billing relationship with a local car rental agency, or any other procedures you should follow.

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