Northern California Lawyer Representing Clients Injured in Side Impact Collisions

Driver side-impact collisions frequently occur in intersections, when one vehicle disregards a stop or yield sign, or runs a red light and strikes another vehicle in the intersection. The injuries sustained in side-impact collisions – sometimes called “T-bone collisions” – can be extremely serious, for two main reasons.

First, side-impact collisions often occur at high speeds. A common result of side-impact collisions, especially those that occur at high speeds, is vehicle rollover, and this type of car accident carries a high risk of major injury to the car’s occupants. Second, many passenger vehicles are not designed to withstand side-impact collisions as well as front- or rear-end collisions.

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Not only do side-impact collisions frequently result in serious injury, they can be challenging from a legal standpoint, as well. Proving who was at fault in a side-impact collision can be difficult because each driver’s account of the car accident may be different, and there may be no physical evidence at the accident scene to indicate which driver was at fault.

In car accident cases involving side-impact collisions, personal injury attorney Jack Bloxham seeks to establish legal liability by tracking down any witnesses to the accident – including traffic cameras or security cameras that may have recorded the incident. If he is able to establish legal liability in a side-impact collision case, then our firm can demand fair and complete financial compensation from the negligent driver.

Compensation in side-impact collision cases may include reimbursement of lost wages and unpaid medical expenses due to injuries such as:

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